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Frequently asked questions.

How long does my new plaster take to dry out?

This would depend on the area needed to dry, For example a general room re-skim can take 2-5 days although a small area would take considerably less time. Depending on weather conditions, plaster is best dried out naturally with windows open, Dot & Dab or float and set any where up to 2 weeks depending on thickness, damp coarse render or external render also up to 2 weeks.

How do I paint my new plaster?

When your plaster has fully dried out there is of course different methods. My preferred one is to apply several thin coats of matt emulsion with a roller’ two is normally enough depending on how thin the emulsion is. After this apply 2 topcoats, remember to use specialist paint were applicable i.e. kitchen and bathroom paint for condensation and damp. Other methods to seal the plaster are to use a PVA glue. If you plan to wallpaper always use a glue seize ( wallpaper adhesive ) this will save you from pulling paint off when the paper is removed in the futere.To paint over exterior renders apply several coats of good quality masonry paint again thin the first coat down if necessary.

I am not sure if I need a plasterer? I would like to paint-paper my walls.

If you have flaky paint or cracked walls, indentations or bevels on them and you wish paint or use a thin  paper then in most cases you would require a plasterer. However if you plan on using a blown vinyl or wood chip then it would cover a multitude of sins. Remember matt and darker paints are better at covering older walls and ceilings than a silk or shiny paints as they show up all shadowing and such like.

Can I get my job carried out any cheaper?

Well yes you can! But has the job been priced the same? Such like the quality of materials and the experience in plastering for example we have been fully qualified with N.V.Q levels 1-2 and 3 since 1994 and we use the  best quality materials possible such as British Gypsum, Knauf, Lafarge, Catnic and Weber products to name a few which when possible we buy in bulk orders from our local builders  and whole sale merchants so we can pass on savings to our valued customers.

We will always try to beat or match any genuine written quotation.